Love the use of an art installation to devert traffic away from the “distressed” reefs.

I could use one of these getting down the stairs of our office.

Smart way of breaking down contesting into repeat engagements to get your audience coming back more often - keeping your brand top of mind. And yes, I am going to enter….

Seattle Opera launches a support campaign by showing backstage video into a quick-change room.  Theatre doesn’t always translate well into video, but this video shows a bit of the magic that happens in hopes of gaining financial support. Well done SO!

Hat tip to Darien Campbell for posting this.

Hat tip to Darien Campbell for posting this.

The Range Rover Evoque Pulse of the City project is out with a new offering: a choose your own adventure film called Being Henry.

The interactive film keeps with the theme of mingling tech and art with advertising. Starring Leo Fitzpatrick (The Wire) and directed by Nick Gordon (Levi’s, Sony, Doritos), Being Henry is housed on a dedicated Adobe Flash site. It’s basically composed of multiple videos that seamlessly switch when the viewer clicks on Henry and drags him toward a certain decision. The dragging sequence is done via a series of JPEGs that cut smoothly into the live action.

Check it out

Big hat tip to Robert Scott for one of the best parodies of 2011 so far.

I’m not normally one who likes to be the spoil-sport, in fact I really enjoy the mysteries in life. But every so often, something comes up, and that thing must be shared.